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Hand Sanitizer Protection from Corona Virus

Hand Sanitizer

Corona Virus these are the words we are listening now a days or I should say this is the only topic we are talking about. Whole world is fighting against the pandemic Corona virus i.e Covid-19. Even our country India is also affected by this deadly virus. There is no vaccine available in whole world. Search on vaccine is going on everywhere in the world, but no luck till date.

Cases in our country are increasing day-by-day. The worst hit states in India are Maharashtra, Delhi, Kerala, Telangana etc in which multiple of cases are registered. Most people who are affected by covid-19 will experience mild to moderate symptoms like fever, hypertension, and cough.

As according to some reports, Covid-19 virus sometimes shows no symptoms. In some cases it is asymptomatic so that people are unaware that they are spreading this virus. Some people may develop unusual symptoms of Corona as in London a kid suffering from corona showed unusual symptom like swelling on feet. And in some countries like North Korea those people who recovered completely from this virus are again affected by this virus.

Those people who are already suffering from some other problems like Diabetes, respiratory issues are at higher risk. According to the doctors, we all can curb down this deadly virus by maintaining social distancing and by washing our hands completely by hand sanitizer or with soap. But we can’t carry soap everywhere. So what we need is a hand sanitizer containing alcohol. Protect yourself and others from this deadly virus by sanitizing your hands properly.

What we all need is a good sanitizer that provides us 99 percent germ protection. So now the question arises from where we can get the hand sanitizer. Many sanitizers are available in the market. But Hygiene Store is providing sanitizer and many other hygiene products online at your door step. They are making you free for wearing mask and going out to by the hygiene products.

So no tension now you can find this product on As they provide us better quality at very affordable price. We can trust them blindly.  They are not new to market; they are in this business from past 50 yrs. They have their own manufacturing plant.

You can also order in bulk if you need it for your office or for shop. They have different variation of product form 500ml, 1ltr and 5 ltr.

Hand Sanitizer in Delhi

Hand Saznitizer
Hand Saznitizer

As in Delhi Covid19 cases are increasing very rapidly. There are more than 15000 cases in Delhi. Employees use their hands to write a report or shake their hands with their clients. Such activities may develop bacteria on their hands. Those organizations that will encourage regular use of hand sanitizers have healthier workers. The best way to remind employees about the need of using hand sanitizer is to make them available near their desk, table, near meeting rooms, near entry and exit. The organizations must encourage hand hygiene providing proper information to employees related to how to use hand sanitizer properly. They must conduct seminars related to the use of hand sanitizers. There are a lot of hand sanitizer distributors in Delhi.  Hygiene store is one of the best distributors in Delhi.

The Hand Sanitizer Hygiene Store is selling are as below: –

Cleanzo Hand Sanitizer– This amazing hand sanitizer kills 99.9% germs is best to fight with deadly virus Corona. It is easy to carry so that we can carry it anywhere and keep our hands totally sanitize. Hygiene store provides us two types of hand sanitizers-

  1. Gel Hand Sanitizer-This hand sanitizer is also considered good because gels took longer to dry. That’s why this is a better option for those who want to moisturize their skin completely.
  2. Liquid Hand Sanitizer– This sanitizer is basically used in offices, hospitals, showrooms etc.

Both hand sanitizers are good depending upon the customer’s choice that he/she likes which one.

You can check all other product on our website –

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