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Hygiene Tips to End Corona Virus

best hygiene tips

Maintaining proper hygiene is very important. By maintaining proper hygiene we can eliminate various diseases. Keeping your hands and body clean is important in stopping the development of infection. By maintaining proper hygiene you are not protecting yourself but others too. India is suffering from the setback of coronavirus and cases are increasing day by day. The only solution to deal with this virus is you have to maintain a proper hygiene.

There are some steps which we have to follow to keep our self-clean-

  1. By washing hands – Firstly, we have to wash our hands properly. Through our hands we do so many work, we touch various surfaces, we eat, and many more things we do with hands. Because of this many germs remain on our hands. To eliminate these germs we have to wash our hands before eating food, after using toilet, after sneezing and coughing etc. Washing hand on regular bases will keep the germs away from our hands.
  2. Bathing– We should take a bath or shower daily at least twice a day. By washing our body daily we can eliminate skin infections. It will kill bacteria and germs from the body and our body will become odorless and germs free.
  3. Sanitizing clothes– We should sanitize our clothes once we reach home after completing our work. Dirt and bacteria builds on our clothes. So, it is very important to change and to wash your clothes properly to eliminate germs.

Hand Sanitizer vs Soap

Hygiene Tips
Hygiene Tips

Both hand sanitizer and soap are considered good to kill germs. But there is a slight difference. According to some experts to kill coronavirus we must wash our hands completely thrice a day and if the soap is not available we need to carry alcohol-based hand sanitizer which provides 99.9% germs protection. In comparison to soap, sanitizer is easy to carry. We can carry it easily everywhere but soap is not available everywhere. What we need to learn is the proper method to sanitize our hands. Simply we have to rub sanitizer properly on both hands so that our hands become germs free.

Sanitizer Disinfectant for Floors

We have to disinfect our floors also. To clean floors we can use Cleanzo multi-purpose spray which we can buy online from Hygiene store. This spray kills 99.9% germs. You can easily clean granite or wood from this spray. One of the best thing of this is it leaves refreshing fragrance and available in different sizes.

So, if you are looking for a disinfectant cleaner for your home then Cleanzo is the right choice and you can buy it online easily through their website Hygiene Store.


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